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How to draw flowers


* Have you ever thought to draw and paint on your device(phone)? Do you want to learn to draw (for free)?If you answered yes, you are in the right place to offer you an exclusive application in Google Play "Draw a flower" you a complete training and is fully “how to Draw flowers”.Draw a flower or Rose is one of the first steps you need to learn before you take another tutorial (tutu).* * Professional Application and fun for your child to help draw with easy steps and not complicate, the program provides all kinds of graphic materials found in nature also allows you to choose several flowers.Draw a flower is a program that teaches you how to draw flowers step by step.This application is a fun activity to teach your children how to draw. It includes a wide range of graphics sorted by difficulty levels.In a few simple steps, you can make superb graphics, just take a pen and paper, choose flowers that you want and follow the instructions step by step. It is very easy to use. .Features of this application (rose pattern):free and without internet.Easy to use for all levels.Expressive drawings.Renovations and lasting improvements.Teaching drawing for children You do not need special skills, just started drawing Each drawing is divided into a number of easy to follow steps.From a few lines, youll end up with a complete picture.Parents can use to give drawing lessons for their childrenHow to use this application (drawing of the rose):the method is very simple just as downloading the application loaded on your phone "android" after you pick any flower, after pressing the rose, shows a bouquet of roses and different flowers in front, above you find the number of steps each. There are several utilities andColours, eraser, pen width, is re-painting, recording your own roses drawings.install the application and tells us how you found ..